What is included in a 10×10 kitchen?

A common question we get asked is: What is included in a 10×10 kitchen? In this blog, we'll answer that question and more. If you're hoping to save money when designing your kitchen or renovating your existing space, there are some simple things you can do to make the most of your space. If you're interested in designing your own custom kitchen or would like to learn more about how we can help with your 10×10 kitchen design project, feel free to reach out to us at any time!

What is included in a 10×10 kitchen?

A sink, first of all. The sink is often part of the countertop. It may also be a stand-alone sink or a sink integrated into a butcher block counter. A fridge: The fridge is a standard refrigerator, but it’s typically smaller than a standard model. The fridge often includes a freezer. A stove: The stove is a standard stove top.If it’s pre-made or you’re looking for add-ons, you might opt to include the oven instead. These choices you make on appliances and types will impact your kitchen’s overall square footage.

How to save money on your 10x10 kitchen

Because of the popularity of the 10x10 kitchen, many companies have started to sell prefabricated 10x10 kitchens to help you save money on your kitchen. One way to save money on your 10x10 kitchen is to research prefabricated kitchens. In this format you usually pick a “template” kitchen that will be installed in your space. They’ll vary in style, appliances, and use of space, sso do your research.

Common mistakes to avoid on your 10x10 kitchen design project

If you’re planning to redesign your kitchen, follow these tips on how to avoid common mistakes:

  • Don’t do it all at once – If you try to do it all at once, you’ll get overwhelmed by the project and might never finish it.Working, learning and doing all of it at once will make you picky about the details and knock out sensitive details — the kind you might forget or overlook the first time, or overlook out of fear of ruining your project. That doesn’t work when you’re starting out.
  • Keep your kitchen organized together, not apart – When you find not-so-great solutions for organizing your kitchen, don’t put them in the same place all together. The same goes for your dining room or your living room. Different spaces are meant to be used differently.
  • Know what colors and styles work well together – It could be that you like neutral colors or you like colorful interiors. Add pieces from both categories to make your space feel fresh and exciting. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you’d benefit from decorating your dining room and living room first to make your space feel fresher and more comfortable.

Contact us today to learn more about 10x10 kitchens and how we can help you decide what kitchen options are best for you and the space you’re working with!

What is better for kitchen countertops quartz or granite?


Deciding between quartz versus granite countertops is a huge choice. It can be hard to decide for your Countertops Denver. In this case, you should look into what your home needs from the countertops. There are huge differences between quartz and granite countertops and the best qualities of each type of stone.

What is Quartz?

Quartz is an abundant natural stone. When it is placed into a countertop it is considered “engineered”. This is because they are created from crushed quartz crystals combined with resin and other synthetic materials.

The color and pattern of a quartz countertop are man-made and designed. Because of this, it is sometimes thought not to be as beautiful as granite. It is also cheaper. Because it is manufactured, quartz can come in virtually any color. This means you can easily color match.

Although quartz countertops resemble natural stone, the pattern and hues are much more uniform. This means no flaws, and seams are less noticeable.

What is Granite?

Granite is a pure, natural stone mined. It is always from quarries in whole slabs or tiles. From these slabs, granite countertops are cut and polished. The actual stone remains untouched, and because they are completely natural, they are always one of a kind. The color can depend on where it is found, but it will range from earth tones to bright colors such as red, green, and other gemstones.

Slabs may have natural variations in their color and pattern, but these differences are what make people fall in love with the stone. Professional installation is necessary with granite.

Similarities and Differences

Both granite and quartz countertops are in high demand for their strength and resilience. Granite often gets more chipped and cracked, but the natural striations are grooves formed in stone from movements in the earth. This makes them special. Granite is also porous and can absorb stains from oils, wine, and other common kitchen messes. As a comparison, quartz makes the stone nonporous, and it is also solid and flexible. With excessive heat, it can damage both it and granite.

Because it's porous, granite needs to be sealed and resealed every year. This helps it to avoid stains. Using black or brown may help to avoid these stains, but you need to be careful of what you put on granite. It is best to clean its surface with mild soap and water or a daily granite cleaner. Quartz does not need to be sealed and it will not absorb stains or bacteria. In many cases, manufacturers add an antibacterial coating to further protect the countertop. Generally, quartz and granite countertops are priced similarly per square foot, but granite counters have a wider variation in price. Granite can be more expensive than quartz at times, because of color and pattern, but in some cases, quartz is more expensive due to the treatments it receives during manufacturing.

What colors do granite countertops come in?


Granite has remained a popular countertop for kitchens and bathrooms for years. This trend began in the 1980s when designer Deborah Sussman renovated a kitchen with granite countertops. This led to a movement of granite in the global economy, putting it in competition with marble.

What is Granite?

Granite Countertops Denver  is a natural stone that is more durable than marble, as well as solid, and less porous. It is not as prone to staining or etching and is very low maintenance. This means it is easy to clean and perfect for busy kitchens or bathrooms.

There are 14,000 stone varieties to suit every decor taste in granite. This means you can choose a variety of colors and you can cut them into any stone shape you want. You can choose between classic styles and types that even look exactly like marble.

These color options include classic styles and new styles. You can find new trends or old trends, and look through whatever can match with your home.

Granite Countertop Design Trends

There are many popular granite colors from 2020 that have gone over into 2021. For example, white granite countertops and neutral finishes with warm wooden cupboards, as well as black granite kitchen countertops with gold fittings. Despite this, there are three main trends.


Neutral tones remain popular and are inspired by minimalism. Now the trends are moving away from white kitchens to light countertops with warm tones and gold. In addition, wooden cupboards and flooring stools or gold light fixtures are popular.

Neutral tones don’t date as quickly as other trends and are easily updated with bright colors and decor. You can also add backsplashes as well as a new color on the walls to brighten things up. Light countertops make things look nice. White, cream, or even light blue and gray granite countertops are classic but also very popular along with wood.


Honed granite is matte with a low shine. This is different from polished granite, but also has a softer and more natural look while still retaining the character of the natural stone. You can also have color enhancers added to this type of stone for added richness. This granite effect comes in satin, as well as velvet diamond, and smooth matte finishes. This look is achieved by finishing it before it is shiny.


While pure white granite kitchen countertops are always in, there are new ideas about patterns and veins. These can be very appealing and more interesting. Veining can be subtle or dramatic and make the color look very bright when paired appropriately. Some types of white look like marble, and often choose this stone in order to have a different alternative to the former stone. It is the same look, but less maintenance.

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