What Were Old Countertops Made of?

What Were Old Countertops Made of?
Countertops have changed quite a bit throughout the years. Learn how their design has been influenced! As industries develop and change, it is common for manufacturing to change too. This is why looking at the image of a kitchen from the 1950s looks very different from the ones that you might see today. Countertops, like other common household components, have had their fair share of changes throughout the years. In this article, we will explore what countertops used to be made of, and what these changes tell us.

Countertops and Materials: A Look at the Past

Most of us consider countertops to be a vital part of the home, so much so that people pass on entire homes due to a lack of counter space. They can be a place to prepare food, an opportunity to decorate, and even sometimes a place to sit. So, what changes have they gone through over the years?

Granite Countertops

One of the more popular countertop options was and still is granite. This sturdy and appealing material provides a nice, solid surface—just like a countertop should. As heavy as they were appealing, granite countertops allowed homeowners to dress up their kitchens first starting in the 1920s. Throughout the decades, it became more popular. People still choose granite countertops for their kitchen every day.

Laminate Countertops

Most of us are familiar with laminate countertops, even though we don’t know it. Popular in the 1960s, laminate countertops were considered a really fashionable option. These countertops were easy to wipe down, but more importantly, they could be customized very easily. This meant that, as bold and colorful design choices entered the home, more people sought out laminate countertops that were equally as bold.

Quartz Countertops

This is and was one of the most popular countertop options available. Still popular to this day, quartz is beloved because it has a beautiful look that can vary significantly, and it offers a nice, solid surface. With its beautiful appearance and durability, quartz became an easy choice for homeowners when it was first introduced. Recognized for its neutral color schemes, quartz is one way to instantly upgrade any kitchen. It brings a luxury look that homeowners really seem to love. Whether you’re designing a new home or seeking a renovation opportunity, quartz countertops can be the perfect accessory for your kitchen.

The Takeaway

As we develop new approaches to manufacturing, we find new opportunities—and we can see that with the popular countertops throughout the years. If you are looking for new countertops, Denver is a great place to start looking. At Kitchen & Bath by Design, we offer premium countertops that are nice to look at and can provide the perfect appearance for your kitchen. Pairing function with design, we are able to change the way that kitchens look all around Colorado. Contact us directly to learn more!

How to identify kitchen cabinet manufacturers?

How to identify kitchen cabinet manufacturers?
If you’ve recently moved into your home, or are finally looking into renovating, you’ll most likely need to identify your kitchen cabinet manufacturer. This will ensure that your new designs will easily blend in with what’s currently there. Using the same manufacturer can help you save time and money when choosing new designs for your kitchen renovation. But how do you locate the manufacturer information? Keep reading for tips on how to identify who made your kitchen cabinets and where to find cabinet manufacturers in Denver.

Tips for identifying the cabinet manufacturer

When it comes to kitchen cabinet renovation, the easiest route is to go with the same manufacturer who originally installed what’s there. You’ll be able to choose similar styles and even match certain materials so that everything flows together seamlessly. There are a few different places to look for manufacturing information on your current cabinets.

Where to check

Manufacturing brands typically include their information somewhere on the cabinets, though it may be hidden to the eye. You may need to do a little digging in order to find the original label. Be sure to check the following. The drawers: Manufacturers often include their brand logo or label inside a drawer or two. The label may be very small, but check along the sides, back, front, and base of the drawer on the inside. You may need to pull out the drawer completely to check along the outside and back, as well. Keep in mind that the original manufacturer could have also included a code or an engraving to simplify the process. Underneath wall cabinets: If you can’t locate any information within the drawers, try underneath the wall cabinets. The information could be on an adhesive paper with the company logo and include color and style information. The sink base: Lastly, your kitchen sink could reveal the information you seek. If the manufacturer belonged to the KCMA, or Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, they may have placed a sticker at the sink base. Use the code found here to look up the manufacturer associated with the KCMA code, which should include information like their company and website.

Your cabinets might be custom

If no information can be found, your cabinets could be custom made. There are a few features that can identify customized cabinets, including the following.
  • They feature more stability, including solid hardwood pieces on the front of the drawers and wall cabinets
  • They have adjustable hinges and shelving supports made of metal
  • They have deeply-fitted door supports that are not glued on
  • There are no noticeable wood or color irregularities

How to get matching cabinets

Working with a manufacturer that makes custom cabinets is also a great way to match designs. By using quality materials and upgraded technology, they can easily make a copy of your existing cabinet components. For built-to-order cabinet options, contact Huntwood, Denver’s leading custom cabinet manufacturers.

What are semi-custom cabinets?

What are semi-custom cabinets?
Semi-custom cabinets are those which are manufactured with standard sizes, styles, and finishes, but with a twist. Although they are similar to stock cabinets, they have more options to be customized, and with added details. For example, you may have the ability to alter dimensions such as cabinet depth. Although they are not as unique as completely customized cabinets, they are much cheaper, and still function well with a nice look.

What are semi-custom cabinets?

The best part of semi-custom cabinets is that they can be modified based on your needs. It is not as custom as completely unique and custom cabinets, but there is a higher level of customization as compared to stock lines.

How can you customize semi-custom cabinets?

In fact, semi-custom cabinets offer popular styles, with different finishes, and flexible modification limits. You can choose from many stains, glazes, and paint colors. Some lines even offer finishes with specialized techniques. Because of this, these cabinets are great for homeowners who want to have a variety. Semi-custom cabinets also have the ability to use accessories and inserts that may not be found in non-custom products, such as cutlery trays, pullouts, organizational tools, and spice racks, as well as special moldings, decorative pieces, and hardware. This can add ease to your kitchen, as well as value to your home.

Why would someone want to customize their cabinets?

Customization aids in increased functionality and efficiency. It can also improve accessibility to storage, as well as reduce the amount of wasted space in a home. Stock cabinets restrict homeowners to standardized dimensions and styles, which may not fit their kitchen exactly right. This has led to many purchasing filler spaces. Semi-custom cabinetry generally allows for more flexibility with sizes and dimensions, providing a cleaner and more uniform look. Customization is also important for creating a space that is unique. It sets a home apart and allows the creative side to come out and be on display. Although many people look into the higher cost of semi-customized cabinets versus stock cabinets, the added value needs to be examined. This can help you determine whether or not this is something you are interested in doing for your home.


Most people consider custom cabinets to be the best quality available, but this is incorrect. When a semi-custom cabinet is of high quality, it may be at a somewhat higher price. This can dictate the quality, because higher quality means more expensive materials, finish, and construction.


Semi-custom cabinets are generally less expensive than the higher-end custom options. This means that you can still find a product that works for your kitchen and lifestyle while saving money.

Variety of options

These cabinet lines offer a variety of options when it comes to finishes, styles, and prices. Flexibility provides the ability to get exactly what you want for your home and create a space that is unique.
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